Some of the artists most recent pieces.

The 'Playful Mermaid'.


The Playful Mermaid was recently chosen to be displayed for 30 days at the Fallbrook Art Center.  After only 4 days an art center patron insisted that she wanted to purchase it right off the wall.  According to the manager of the center, "this has never happened before".

Fallbrook Art Center


 Fallbrook Art Center patrons admiring my mosaic glass on recycled surfboard. April 2017 guild artist show.

Closeup of the Mermaids tail


Fusing glass comes in many different types and COE's.  The tail of the "Playful Mermaid" is made of two layers of Aventurine glass which glitters when fused.  Photo does not do it justice.

Pretty Jolie admiring 'Tranquility"


Tranquility fused glass on recycled surfboard was commissioned by a valued customer.  She gave me a simple picture of the scene that she wanted on her board.  She wanted a scene that would "help her relax" after a stressful day teaching.

A palm tree takes shape


A palm tree takes shape on "Tranquility" surfboard.  The artist gives each creation a name before he even starts the project.  All boards are signed and numbered.

Tranquility on customers wall.


This is Tranquility hanging on the customers living room wall.  She is thrilled with her new piece of art.  

The Honu at sunset


The Honu is the Hawaiian name for the green sea turtle.  Here it is on display at the Fallbrook Art Center, April 2017


The Honu at sunset won the People's Choice Award at the art center.  It was one of  over a hundred pieces of art presented by guild artists only.  

The Honu at sunset


After winning the People's choice award, the Honu at sunset board now hangs in the patio of a California beach home where it is admired by many visitors.


Close up of the fused sleeping mermaid.  Three layers of COE 96 Spectrum glass was used in much of this board.

The Sleeping Mermaid


The Sleeping Mermaid, fused mosaic glass on a recycled surfboard on display in the artists living room.  Now resides in the owners "man cave"


The Sleeping Mermaids tail protrudes out from the board about an inch where fused glass fish swim underneath it.  

Don't trash that old board


Every year thousands of old, broken surfboards wind up in the landfill.  Turn yours into a family heirloom today.  

You can donate your board


Don't want to make art out of it? Donate it to We create surfboard art and donate to non profit causes.

Broken board turned into art


This board was discarded but now hangs prominently and proudly in a customers family room where it gets lots of attention.

The Maui Gecko


One of the most beautiful creations in glass on a surfboard was once discarded junk.  Don't let that happen to your old board

Comissioned art


The artist and model Jolie show off a new board that was commissioned by a happy customer.

Another view


Artist Paul showing off a newly created commissioned work of art glass on a used surfboard.